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Varenummer: 042070
Alarm centre with 4 loops
  • Series/parallel loop technique
  • 3 loops, of which one can be selected as a fire loop and one as an entry/exit delay
  • 1 anti-tampering loop
  • 3 outputs with 12V DC current /0.5A each for continuous alarm, duration of alarm, or internal alarm and 1 relay output (floating)
  • Connections for a telephone dialling unit, as well as for a door lock with cut-off function or remote control with LED display
  • Supplied with mounting auxiliaries and 3 keys

Instruction manual only available in German!

Please order matching rechargeable lead battery NPA-12/2 together with this unit.

Technical datasheet

Power supply


Current consumption



60mA/12V DC current 


1A max./12V DC current 

Entry delay

0 sec./60 sec., adjustable

Exit delay

0 sec./60 sec., adjustable

Alarm duration

20 sec./180 sec., adjustable

Admiss. ambient temp.

0-40 °C






(inkl. moms) :
2.199,00 Kr.